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Re: [TCML] LAPP gas filled condenser, some more info if possible...

That's a nice cap. I'd love to see photos of the other items you snagged. I left a message on the website where you have the pictures of the cap. 
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Subject: [TCML] LAPP gas filled condenser, some more info if possible...

Hi all,

I am attaching a few pictures of a fairly strange fella that I picked up
recently on a small road trip for some REALLY big RF stuff (with some cool
radio history behind it, going to be fun to repurpose these items) for a
future VTTC project. If any are interested, request and I will post some
pictures of these big items. So this gas cap was not intended, but I have
it now :-) with the other goodies. Not completely sure if useful yet, but
it is really neat and well made for what it is.
Not real familiar with gas filled types. Have heard of some made by the
usual vacuum capacitor makers offering a few gas filled types. But these
are the normal construction type very similar to vacuum caps. This fella is
a strange one. See pictures. All I have been able to find is two old
magazine ads from the 1940's with next to nothing in real info. If I had to
guess, I would say this was made in the 1950's to early 1960's. This LAPP
company is a insulator maker with a very long history. And apparently
branched out at one time making these strange gas caps also. The biggest
surprise so far is that the lower metal case is magnetic. One old ad says
for high frequency use, but I am puzzled by the case for this. Usually
magnetic materials are frowned upon in RF stuff, so this is a mystery. I
originally thought it was aluminum the lower case. It was not until a day
later, somehow I decided to try a magnet on it. The bottom of the three
feet are not painted, and I can see copper plating. I looked closer at some
of the scratches in the body paint and I can see copper plating again. So I
can see they are improving conductivity here, since most magnetic things
are poor conductors also of course. The upper ring is aluminum. Center
electrode is silver plated (not sure of metal yet, but non-magnetic as
expected). As you can see very healthy size upper conductors with a "dog
bowl" insulator made by LAPP of course. Pretty heavy also weight wise also.
Not real large capacitance wise, but may be useful on some other future
VTTC project. So just wondering if anyone has possibly any information or
maybe a complete LAPP insulator catalog that also list this gas capacitor
line it would be greatly appreciated.

4 pictures of it:



Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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