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Re: [TCML] Coupling

The way I have this set up I can go 15, 10 .5 tank, and change primary from
.06 to .250 to .380.
And could you please explain why less tank = more primary turns? I told you
I wasn't very technical😉

On Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 4:42 PM derstrom8--- via Tesla <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Doug,
> Is there any way for you to reduce your tank capacitance so that you can
> use more turns on your primary? I'm no expert myself but I'm thinking more
> primary turns and slightly less tank capacitance is better than very few
> primary turns and a large tank capacitance. Perhaps someone else could
> chime in here with better qualifications?
> Regards,
> Matt Lewis, Fairlee VT
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> Hi Gary, Thank you,  You can probably tell from most of my posts that I am
> not very technical concerning this stuff, but I have an insatiable appetite
> to learn. That said, I am continuing to try to improve the performance of
> this little coil, since the video I have improved tuning until l now I am
> getting " breakouts" from both ends. When I get the coil tuned to what I
> think is optimum, which may include working to improve the primary. {I
> think I have too many turns on it because I am down to using only about
> three}, I will do another video, so any requests or instruction on what to
> look for would be helpful.
> Doug
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