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Re: [TCML] Coupling

Hi Doug,

Is there any way for you to reduce your tank capacitance so that you can use more turns on your primary? I'm no expert myself but I'm thinking more primary turns and slightly less tank capacitance is better than very few primary turns and a large tank capacitance. Perhaps someone else could chime in here with better qualifications?

Matt Lewis, Fairlee VT

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Hi Gary, Thank you,  You can probably tell from most of my posts that I am
not very technical concerning this stuff, but I have an insatiable appetite
to learn. That said, I am continuing to try to improve the performance of
this little coil, since the video I have improved tuning until l now I am
getting " breakouts" from both ends. When I get the coil tuned to what I
think is optimum, which may include working to improve the primary. {I
think I have too many turns on it because I am down to using only about
three}, I will do another video, so any requests or instruction on what to
look for would be helpful.
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