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Hello Marcus,

Its good that you want to know the theory and equations behind the tesla coil. After you learn the required equations, save yourself some trouble and just use JAVATC. All of those calculations are rolled up in that design program. It also takes into account a lot of the more obscure effects that will also affect the performance that you may not be aware of. If you enter all of the parameters accurately, it is surprisingly accurate, at least it was so for my coil. The primary tap point (11.5 turns) predicted for my coil with JAVATC was within 1/4 turn of the optimum tap point. That is some good modeling.

Steve White
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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First off, this is amazing thank you so much for providing this site.
I am having some difficulty with resonance formula. I can solve for
Xc(because frequency,and capacity are given numbers) but how do I get
inductive reactance figures, I have tried formulas that involve the number
of coils, gauge of wire, resistance, frequency,ect. Could you please she'd
some light on the subject. As I don't have the instraments to collect this
Thank you much.
Marcus Anthony.
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