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Em 07/02/2019 02:05, Anthony Dresden escreveu:
First off, this is amazing thank you so much for providing this site.
I am having some difficulty with resonance formula. I can solve for
Xc(because frequency,and capacity are given numbers) but how do I get
inductive reactance figures, I have tried formulas that involve the number
of coils, gauge of wire, resistance, frequency,ect. Could you please she'd
some light on the subject. As I don't have the instraments to collect this

Reactance is a generalization of resistance for reactive elements as capacitors and inductors. It is, as resistance, the ratio between voltage and current. It is defined for sinusoidal signals only, and hides the fact that voltage and current in reactive elements are out of phase by +/- 90 degrees. For capacitors, the reactance is -1/(2*Pi*frequency*capacitance). For inductors, 2*Pi*frequency*inductance. Resonance happens when you associate capacitors and inductors as if they were resistors so the resulting reactance goes to zero (simplest case, L in series with C) or to infinity (simplest case L and C in parallel). This happens at particular frequencies, just one, 1/(2*Pi*(L*C)^0.5) in the simplest cases. To calculate inductance you can use this:


Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz

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