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[TCML] Aesthetics vs. Performance

   So, I'm working my new coil in my mind right now and a few questions
come to mind. Most of my questions revolve around my lack of understanding
of the dissipation factor in dielectrics, and its overall effect on
performance. It'll be an NST system. 12/60 or I saw a modded on the mail
list to a 10.5/240. I guess that depends on my ability to mod one without
breaking it. Anyway....
Ill start with the magnet wire. So from what I've gathered thus far,
Polyimides appear to be the optimal choice for coating. Due to the
temperatures used in production, color choices are limited. But I'm trying
to put max effort in the visual appeal of the coil also. So concerning
performance, if I chose a sub-par coating to attain a certain color would I
even be able to notice the losses? This also applies to my choice in
material for the spark gap and secondary. HDPE seems to be an excellent
choice, but I can get some pretty cool color schemes if I choose PC though.
I've used PVC for everything so far so I really have no reference point to
make comparisons.

   My next question, stepping away from the Df. Secondary size. I know
several factors come into play when determining secondary size. But I
personally prefer the looks of say a 6" od coil vs. a 4". And I'd prefer to
make my coil with the former. Giving the proper setup, and same power
supply for each, would there be any real losses/gains just from the coil
form size?

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