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Re: [TCML] SRSG strobe

Hi Finn, all,

we have used your "magnetic method" of SRSG tuning several times, with good success. (I've yet access to your website about "Setup of a 300 BPS SRSG" for your millennium gap .. :-) ).

An advantage of your magnetic method is: one can see every ignition time, of all electrodes, along the whole sine wave of the mains voltage simultaneously, on scope. And another advantage: there is no need for visual access to the rotary disk, when rotating.
A minor problem can be, to find and place iron bar moving electrodes with the same mass, as the ones made of i.e. tungsten.

Andi Saile's   "Strobe_SRSG_Tuner"  can essentially perform the same task as your magnet-method, but must "see" the moving electrodes, and needs to adjust them one after the other in time. An advantage is: the electrodes are the real-life electrodes (i.e. tungsten), with their original weight.
Using Google translate and working on the result, I've translated the little 4 page document of the "Strobe_SRSG_Tuner", and it's now available in English on my other old homepage: https://hvchbs.zeitgenossen.ch/  , directly as:

https://hvchbs.zeitgenossen.ch/Downloads/Strobe_SRSG_Tuner_E.pdf  or
in original German.

Language is perhaps the reason for the missing interest to my former text:

My coiler-buddy Andi (Andreas Saile) has developed an SRSG-Strobe-Tuner, on the base of an powerful LED, by which it is possible to adjust the electrodes  exactly to whatever optimum firing angle one likes. We presumed, a good starting angle adjustment could have been calculated, by means of a PSPICE simulation of the TC. A small description of the Strobe-Tuner can be downloaded from my website, at:


We have successfully applied this "cold" = "off HV" tuning with the B&W coil.

The John Freau phase adjuster allows the fine tuning of the coil, when HV is life, and seems almost "a must" for us. The most helpful measurement in this context,  seems monitoring the primary cap voltage, by means of a potential transformer and oszilloscope. - Well, just varying the phase, monitoring spark performance and listening to the sound of the coil/rotary is also a good way...:-)

Andi has made a total of 5 "Strobe_SRSG_Tuner's" (2 remaining in stock)...  

Best Regards
Kurt Schraner
Basel, Switzerland

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Dan, you can replace the moving electrodes with identical items made from iron bar . Do the same with the stationary electrodes, and attach a nice neodymium magnet to them at the far end. Next, wind a coil with, say, 50 turns around these stationary electrode substitutes.
When the electrodes pass by each other, an increase in magnetic flux will be the result, and this fluxvariation will induce a current in the coils, which you can monitor with your scope.
This should make it easy to calibrate the gap once and for all.

Hope this helps, Cheers, Finn Hammer

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Mvh. Finn Hammer
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