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Re: [TCML] SRSG strobe

(btw, I lied, all of my electrodes are 1/4". Not sure where the 1/8" came

On Sat, Oct 27, 2018 at 3:09 PM Steve White <steve.white1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I built my SRSG to use either 1-gap (actually 2 gaps) or 2-gap (actually 4
> gaps) firing. I tried the 2-gap firing (simultaneous firing on opposite
> sides of the rotor with 4 total gaps in series). With the 2-gap firing, the
> clearance between the firing electrodes and  stationary electrodes has to
> be half the distance as with 1-gap firing for the same firing voltage, so
> it is even harder to set up and maintain. I could not get consistent firing
> even with my pole transformer because I couldn't get the clearance close
> enough and still have confidence that there wouldn't be an electrode
> collision. So I have gone back to 1-gap firing.

Interesting. How much of a gap are you running? I think I'm at least .050"
either side.

The usual problem that people run into when drilling a precision hole with
> a drill press, lathe or mill is that the drill bit will wander, because it
> is so flexible and long, during the starting of the hole. The secret that I
> learned to drilling a precision hole with a drill press, lathe or mill (no
> hand drill) is to use what is called a pilot bit. They come in various
> sizes and are short very stiff drill bits made for starting holes. They
> will not wander because they are so short and stiff. After you start the
> hole with a pilot bit, you then switch to your regular drill bit, obviously
> without moving the work piece. After I discovered pilot bits, I have no
> problem at all drilling precision holes exactly where I want them. This is
> all basic machining knowledge but because I am a self-taught hobby
> machinist, I have to discover all these tricks on my own. I have watched a
> lot of "tubalcain" (mrpete222) Youtube videos. These are fantastic for
> learning machining techniques.

Believe me, I'm very in tune with the YouTube machinist community... I have
my fair share of machinists toolboxes on the workbench today. I have a full
collection of center and spotting drills. Next on my list is an optical
center punch.

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