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[TCML] Corona shielding - special shape

I have a high voltage application that requires the end of a horizontal metal cylindrical bar to be covered so that it won't emit corona.  The bar could be up and down vertical, or horizontal and parallel to the floor.

Does anyone know of a supplier that already provides, or for a reasonable price could manufacture, a sphere or spheroid, or even a rounded  off conical shape (no point on it of course, or it could be a tapered tube).   On the opening(s) the metal would have to be turned on a lathe or by some means curl in the edges all around the circumference.

Total diameter should be about 6"  (150 mm) or larger,  with an opening about the same diameter - I realized after my supervisor told me that, it would just be a hemisphere bowl that would fall off when the bar is horizontal.  So, maybe 8" O.D. and a 6" opening.  The proportions should be such that 2/3 of the corona shield is a smooth metal rounded surface, and about 1/3 is the opening.

This is for hipot testing in a fairly new and quite large professional lab at up to 600 kV AC, 60 Hz.   If anyone can point me to a good supplier, it would be much appreciated.

I've been quiet on this list the past couple of years because starting Fall 2015 I went to university night school, taking four semesters of circuit theory one after another, aced the classes (A- in level 4, all of them through a lot of hard work) and got hired last year as an HV test engineer.  Those of you recalling my previous emails several years past, don't worry, I've been through weeks and months and volumes of safety training with lots and lots of supervised hands on practice and guidance from experienced professionals.

Brian Hall

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