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Re: [TCML] Brush copper plating onto polystyrene

On 10/19/18 8:59 AM, Matthew Sweeney wrote:
Good info, although I'd still like to find someone who has done similar
work with one of those inflatable exercise balls.. that would be an awesome
VDG terminal :)

It's out there in the archives.. Except it was a kid's bouncy toy, the name of which I cannot remember, they have a loop sticking out of the top that you hang on with.

When I worked at the effects shop, we made some large "pendulum bobs" for a sort of "giant executive toy" (https://www.amazon.com/JoyTech-Newtons-Collision-Decompression-Psychology/dp/B07921155N)

using those things, somewhat overinflated, covered with fiberglass, then spray painted aluminum. They weren't heavy enough without the fiberglass to swing like we wanted, but for an electrode, maybe ok.

A hole will cause it to deflate.

You might be able to figure out a way to inflate and deflate it, but for a VDG, you need the hole for the belt, so using it as a form upon which to make something rigid.

If you want a plastic hemisphere, a good way is to build a box with a plywood top and a circular hole. You lay a sheet of plastic on top, heat it with radiant heat, then use a vacuum cleaner to pull a vacuum under it, and it will form a nice hemisphere. Let it cool, repeat it, saw the flange off and join it.

But a spherical buoy might be a cheaper way to go..

Kwiktek B-20R from amazon is <$20, might be inflatable, though.


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