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Re: [TCML] Brush copper plating onto polystyrene

Em 18/10/2018 14:36, Matthew Sweeney escreveu:
Yeah the tape method is totally not going to work at 300KV+ the corona
losses are just too high and as you mention burnishing will deform the
underlying polystyrene.

The MG chemicals Nickel conductive spray has ridiculously low resistence
something like less than 0.005 Ohms/cm and dries to a hard, smooth finish.
I believe it is also specifically design to spray on plastics, wood etc.

Just now I noticed the word "polystyrene". This is a bad material for anything that has to last, and tape is not going to work well. The work needed to harden the surface and produce a good appearance turns the problem into a sculpture project, and still
with a very poor material as base.
It just shielding is needed, currents are low, and poor quality is acceptable, any conductive paint works, even China ink works.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz
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