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[TCML] Bad strike to a 12 inch traditional coil (somewhat terminal)

Gents & Lassies

Slightly odd one, with a video at:  https://youtu.be/tcESWWbcr7I

This recently occurred to Phil S's 12 inch coil that on the day in question, and also the previous day, had ran fine. Tuning had been done with an oscilloscope, and the coil was not considered over-coupled. The winding had though sustained previous damage which had been repaired a year previously, however this latest damage did not appear to align with where the previous splice had been done, and as mentioned, it had already had some higher power runs that day. As you will see there was already a streamer strike "in progress" (so as to speak) from the  toroid down to the primary strike-ring when the 1st secondary flash-over up the winding occurs. This finished around 30m/s+ later and then a second flash-over occurs fairly soon after. This time however the ongoing toroid-to-strike-ring streamer (which had started 0.5 second or so before the 1st flash-over) now forks over to join the secondary flash-over. Then the fun really begins!

Were these flash-overs a result of the initial strike to the strike-ring, or just coincidence? Initial thoughts were it looked like so called 'racing sparks', but they did not initially  extend up the winding very far, so jury is still out.
Coil is 100 bps SRSG using a phase controller.

Phil T
(Luddite Coiler UK)
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