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[TCML] Re Please review my coil plan

Hi Kurt,
Your big coil is really impressive and it was not my intention to be
disrespectful to a pioneer like mr Burnett. A calculation method that makes
it possible to establish a good balance between BPS, ballast inductor and
capacitor is of course of great value, regardless of if the charging system
really is resonant in the true sense or not. 

And thanks David, 
You and others have certainly convinced me of the importance of varnish...
Yes, the bomb shelter is a great place, but I will be dependent on a
counterpoise type ground, and I have gotten the impression that this concept
is not that much tested for tesla use.

I was planning on an epoxy/fiberglass disk for the rotary, slightly larger
in diameter (40 cm), in the hope that this would cool the electrodes better.
But from ypur experiences with your high powered coil, I realize that
electrode erosion might be a bigger problem then I expected. I will try to
achieve as much cooling as possible for the stationary electrodes, and will
try to locate larger diameter rods. Perhaps double sets of stationary
electrodes would also share the load and keep up better?

All assuming that I first succeed with the transformer and ballast, of

Kind regards,

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