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Re: [TCML] Some VTTC tube rolling results...got surprised twice!

Hi deano,

I am aware of the saturation that MOT was most likely experiencing as it
was getting extremely hot. For me I was getting some benefit from this, but
I have decided it is not worth it, at least for my coil. And yes I do
realise a smaller MOT will "hit" this sooner. The MOT that I am using is an
old large MOT with more "iron" of course. Steve has an old one also,
similar in size. But not currently using it. He is trying to keep weight
down overall on coil. If I remember correctly, even though he is currently
using a newer MOT, it is fair in size, compared to yes, the small ones. Me
and Steve have discussed our MOTS in the past. We have also discussed 120
vs 140 with John in the past and about MOT saturation and performance gains
still achieved.

What really puzzles me about my coil, is the really good performance and
efficiency now at "120", and for just being a single tube and MOT. I know I
am fairly good at tuning, but this is unexpected. I don't think many have
reached this performance at this 120 level input at the amps that I am
drawing. I would like for others to chime in on this if I am wrong.
This is why I am puzzled some.

I am going to investigate this more this weekend also. Don't have time
currently because of work until the weekend, which will be a extended
holiday weekend for me which is nice.

Just out of curiosity, I will try a smaller newer MOT temporarily this
weekend and see if I get same performance at 120.

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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