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Re: [TCML] Some VTTC tube rolling results...got surprised twice!

If you plot the saturation curve for the MOT you may find it goes int saturation earlier than expected. I have found some of the smaller MOTs enter the knee at about 90V and by the time they reach 120V where they are supposed to run they are pretty well saturated already.


Truthfully, when I decided to scale back on this little coil, to improve
efficiency, I did not expect this kind of performance and efficiency
combined. I was expecting it to be in the 25" range at best. Was actually prepared for even low 20's. Actually I did not lose a whole lot to begin with when it comes to streamer length. Like I said earlier in this thread, 36" was the more common max. at terrible efficiency. Only about twice I got it to run at 42" and managed to get one picture. Extremely hard to tune, terrible efficiency, on the edge of burning up the MOT, short run times.
Then I decided enough of this.
Scale back and make this also more portable and very pleased to run
indefinitely now also.
So I will admit, puzzled some here, on my little fella. We have discussed on here a while back about the need for using a variac using the 140 output to get max streamer length and the needed extra amperage. Pretty common as far as I know for people to use 140 out to "overdrive" some more on VTTC's. I am starting to rethink this now some. Actually puzzled more currently on
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