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Re: [TCML] Some VTTC tube rolling results...got surprised twice!

Hi Chris,
Perhaps I missed it, but could you share the schematic you're using for this testing? I've built a couple of SGTCs and a DRSSTC, and now I'm considering trying a VTTC. I've always loved the quiet hum and the straight jagged arcs, and would love to build my own one of these days.

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Thanks Charles and Hi Steve again.

Yes, keep at it Charles. I am still learning things and getting surprised
on these VTTC's. I believe you never stop learning, no matter how long you
have worked with things.

Truthfully, when I decided to scale back on this little coil, to improve
efficiency, I did not expect this kind of performance and efficiency
combined. I was expecting it to be in the 25" range at best. Was actually
prepared for even low 20's. Actually I did not lose a whole lot to begin
with when it comes to streamer length. Like I said earlier in this thread,
36" was the more common max. at terrible efficiency. Only about twice I got
it to run at 42" and managed to get one picture. Extremely hard to tune,
terrible efficiency, on the edge of burning up the MOT, short run times.
Then I decided enough of this.
Scale back and make this also more portable and very pleased to run
indefinitely now also.
So I will admit, puzzled some here, on my little fella. We have discussed
on here a while back about the need for using a variac using the 140 output
to get max streamer length and the needed extra amperage. Pretty common as
far as I know for people to use 140 out to "overdrive" some more on VTTC's.
I am starting to rethink this now some. Actually puzzled more currently on
this. This little coil has been quite a work in "progress". It has changed
tremendously since it's beginnings in oh, about 1985 I think. Actually very
little left of original coil, but still basically same one. I am actually
glad to shrink this down and simplify things also. This coil grew into a
bench top beast space wise for quite awhile.
Thanks for the looks comment Steve, I still feel it is a ugly duckling. But
like you I believe in open construction not hiding things. Speaking of ugly
ducklings. I consider the 304 tube as one. Some people like the look of
this tube. Me I like a classic old "globe" shape most. And there are some
other shapes I like, but I consider the 304 weird.
Here's a picture of one my favorites (actually have many) This is a Eimac


I also admire tubes for the amount of glass and metal working, the use of
all the special equipment required, and the very skilled people who did
this all. Especially some of these larger transmitting tubes, they are
beautiful to look at besides their function.

Yeah, just keep at it once in awhile Steve, when you get a chance. You will
get more out of it. It has to be there somewhere...Yeah, you can overdrive
the variacs within reason. I forgot, speaking of variacs, when this was
discussed awhile back with others also, are you doing 140 or 120 output?
Just curious and I can't remember. Your setup if 140 is probably fine if no
problems. Just again wondering, as everybody's setup is different, even
though we are following the same basic coil design.

Okay even rambling for now...  :-)

I will eventually run some more tests taking several measurements and post
some results when I have a chance. Going to scope some things also.

Actually, I also need to make some new notes on current state of this coil
and all components and values of others. Have not updated in quite awhile

If somebody is interested, I could list everything. I would be curious if
somebody could duplicate these results.
I will probably comment on some component choices I made and why.
Please be patient...new job also keeps me busy also... and I also have a
"heavy iron" hobby :-)

Hmm...I just realized the "iron" thing can mean our large transformers and
ballasts that some of us have here also... :-)

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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