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Re: [TCML] Back again....and Tesla Magnifier Tuning

Hi David,

Magnifiers are indeed triple-resonance devices. The capacitive loading of the relatively long feed-line (from driver to third coil), differences in geometry and self-resonant frequencies of the driver and tertiary windings, and lack of mutual-inductive coupling (in most magnifier setups) between driver and third coil cause its transient behavior to be markedly different than a 2-coil system. The primary, driver, and secondary can all store and exchange portions of the total system energy.

Richard Hull's write-ups and the TCBOR magnifier experiments were conducted long before Antonio's theoretical analyses became available. Previously, there were no accurate models or theories that worked for magnifiers. Magnifier designs were mostly by seat of the pants, trial and error, and hard-won experience even 100 years after Tesla blazed the trail...


David wrote:
The fundamental question I had when trying to get a grip on Magnifiers, is. Are Maggies triple resonate or double resonate. By looking at Antonio's write up it would seem to be a triple resonate device, but reading Richard Hull's paper it would seem to be double res. system. From what I can gather, Tesla him self didn't seem to be concerned with capacitance of his secondary. which would imply to me that his primary and secondary was just a single resonate pulse transformer that fed a highly resonate extra-coil.


On 8/1/2018 8:44 AM, Greg Peters wrote:
Bert, David, John, Daniel,

Thanks very much for your responses and thanks for the links. I have read a lot of Richard Hull’s work, he wrote a fair bit about maggies in the Colorado Springs Guide, a book I really enjoyed. Unfortunately it seems not many modern coilers share his enthusiasm for the magnifier. Whether or not this is justified is something I am hoping to figure out. I’ve also been reading some of Antonio’s work and need to just slow down a bit to digest it all (not the smartest person here).

In the meantime I have been doing some simulation to understand tuning points and obtained results I would love to have explained. It’s detailed here:


Any thoughts would be fantastic – feel free to comment on the page if you don’t want to clog everyone’s inbox.



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Hi Greg,

The technical development of a theory for Tesla Magnifiers, as well as
tuning options has actually been solved by one of the members on the
TCML, Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz. Antonio presents the theory and
practical methodology for magnifier design as well as many helpful
design tools.

See Antonio's web site for more information:

Best wishes,


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