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[TCML] Shape of top load

I am in the process of constructing a Tesla Coil with a 10 kva transformer.
I am a long way from complete and still in the design phase for most
From what I have read the top load needs to be fairly large for a machine
the size I am working on.
I have read many post on the construction of the top load and see many
different ways to construct a serviceable device.
But one thing that has not really been discussed but sometimes referred to
is the shape.
Most of the designs are attempts at making a toroid.
From what I understand the top load needs to do three things.
1. Provide the capacitive load to the air.
2. Prevent breakout.
3. Prevent strikes to the secondary coil.
I can see where a complete toroid can do all three but it seems to me that
the inside of the toroid is unnecessary.
My question is will a shape like a jelly donut work just as well?
A toroid but with the hole covered with a flat surface at the top and
The only curved surfaces are on the outside.
I can see that the difference is surface area affects the calculated
capacitence but that could be considered in the design.
The flat surface of the top and bottom areas would resist breakout just as
well as a pure toroid.
I raise the question because I can see the construction of a large top load
could be simplified and possibly even be constructed in segments for
storage and transportation.
I would appreciate any comments please.
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