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Re: [TCML] VTTC coupling

Hi, been busy, but finally posting some more details on the T-200 VTTC, if
you maybe are curious.

VTTC, T-200 tube, Up to 18" long "thick" arcs, 2" Dia. by 14" Long of #32
Pretty good for a "candlestick secondary". Primary 4 1/4" Dia. with 26T,
#14 Str. 15KV Ins. NSW, 7 1/8" tall. Feedback (located below the primary )
26T, #22 Str. Ins. 300V HUW, 1 5/8" tall. Toroid 9.5" × 2.5" w/ 2 1/4" BOP.
Tank Caps: 2 parallel measuring 5.848nF. Grid leak 2nF and 1667 Ohms. MOT
w/Level Shifter. Measured Frequency of Secondary with just toroid and BOP:
402 KHz. Primary measures: 317 KHz.

Just a note here...going to "detune" primary on tube coil project currently
a lot more this time to save hopefully on tuning in time...


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