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Re: [TCML] First coil

On 8/11/17 5:16 PM, Yurtle Turtle via Tesla wrote:
I was merely suggesting a way of having a permanent installation, rather than having to unroll multiple rolls of hardware cloth or chicken wire, that will not want to stay flat. I don't live 100 meters from a salt marsh.

You don't live in a Salt Marsh? Or created one artificially, specifically for running your tesla coil. Seems kind of like slacking off<grin>

Yeah, I think for a permanent installation (e.g. roll it out on your driveway), some sort of ground rod + radials might be a good and relatively inconspicuous solution.

That's unless you're going to put wire mesh on your driveway, and lay some top coat over the top so you can still drive on it. Of course a "true coiler" would just dedicate the driveway to coiling and cover it with a layer of aluminum - and then build a coil that can live outside.

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On 8/11/17 7:54 AM, Yurtle Turtle via Tesla wrote:
Does a counterpoise work best directly under the coil, or could it be buried 10' feet away, but a HUGE welding cable to connect it?
Best under the coil - you're looking for "E-field management" more than
"return to earth".  In fact, if you operated your coil inside a big
cage, that would be best.

The "soil" isn't really supposed to be part of the circuit, so burying a
ground rod 100 meters away in a salt marsh and then running a wire to
your coil is sort of counter productive.

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