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Re: [TCML] First coil

I was merely suggesting a way of having a permanent installation, rather than having to unroll multiple rolls of hardware cloth or chicken wire, that will not want to stay flat. I don't live 100 meters from a salt marsh.

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On 8/11/17 7:54 AM, Yurtle Turtle via Tesla wrote:
> Does a counterpoise work best directly under the coil, or could it be buried 10' feet away, but a HUGE welding cable to connect it?
Best under the coil - you're looking for "E-field management" more than 
"return to earth".  In fact, if you operated your coil inside a big 
cage, that would be best.

The "soil" isn't really supposed to be part of the circuit, so burying a 
ground rod 100 meters away in a salt marsh and then running a wire to 
your coil is sort of counter productive.

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> A long wire or rod buried in a horizontal trench often makes a better
> ground than a vertical rod, especially when there is caliche or rocks
> that prevent digging deep holes.  The good thing about a Tesla coil is
> its high impedance, so it can tolerate a high impedance ground.  I have
> used a screwdriver pushed into the ground, and it worked well.  You can
> pour some water into a depression around the screwdriver.  (Cheesy but
> effective)
> Safety ground for the power supply should, of course, return to the
> service entrance (green wire) and be separate from the secondary low end
> ground.

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