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[TCML] drsstc bus capacitors

I have a bunch of Hitachi electrolytic capacitors that came out of some old discarded industrial equipment (I believe it was a VFD for an elevator) They are HCGF3A series, and I can't find datasheets on them.  They are 450v 5600uF caps and I have a good 2 dozen of them.  I was thinking of using them for a CM600 based DRSSTC.  On the one hand I feel like the lytic specs aren't all that important, and the datasheets on the hgcf5a and f6a series caps (which might be the newer versions of what I've got?) look like they would be suitable for this use, but the screw terminals on my caps look kinda small (about 1 cm diameter) for the cap size (about 10cm diameter) which hints that they might not be the right thing for the job.  What do I stand to lose if I try these out and they aren't up to the right specs?  I mean they are free so I'm not out anything if I blow the juice out the vent hole on a few of them, but what other problems might I see?   What failures have people seen that they blame on poor bus/doubler electrolytics?
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