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Re: [TCML] Ultraviolet Observations?

Bert,Thank you and you hit the nail on the head.  Top electrical discharge experts (you probably know all three) witnessed these in my lab and were all grinning ear-to-ear because your last sentence sums it up.  I thought for sure they would jump on the chance to make a formal analysis but instead they prefer to send van loads of students to keep up the interest.  Its more valuable to them as unstudied science, in their own words these discharges do what not even they can't as experts in their field... arouse interest of the everyday person.  They joked that they cant even get top physicists interested in electrical discharges :)
I seemed to have perfected making all of the cool geometries of sparks seen in the Kinraide photos, anyone who wants to play with them just needs to come here and see.
I tried 2 quartz lens cameras, one cost over $6K, a close friend bought it.  Cool pics but the best yet were ironically from an older android mobile phone on night setting.  Its worth its weight in gold because the newer phones cannot see them at all...and Ive tried dozens of cameras with no luck.   Direct exposure to photographic paper will work but finding it these days is hard as everything went digital :/and I cant personally it anymore...I would love to find a corona camera as Peter mentioned, but not even our power plant here has one anymore...Jeff

With lower-power coils, longer and thicker (but still quite faint) discharges can sometimes be seen. Jeff Behary has researched these unique discharges and he has also had some success photographing them. To my knowledge, these particular discharges have not been described in the technical literature, nor do they correspond to currently-defined discharge types and structures.
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