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Re: [TCML] Ultraviolet Observations?

On 5/19/15 5:30 AM, Atomic wrote:
I don't think that's possible at all. Radio waves have very long
wavelengths, unless you have a really huge "camera sensor" (the size of a
building or something) you'll never be able to form an actual image.

What you're really looking at is measuring the E and H field, and you can do that with a small probe.

The best way is to make the probe such that it doesn't perturb the field, or, if it does, that it perturbs the field in a known way.

Then there's a "3-D" positioning challenge. But that seems moderately doable.

A small dipole (E-field) or loop (H-field) and battery powered amplifier with an optical link would work nicely.

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