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Re: [TCML] Mid sized Tesla Coil - Done

I don't know which diameter (minor or major) helps the most with
reducing multiple streamers, but I can tell you that I was getting
multiple streamers with that same size coil with my first topload, which
was 4.5" (minor) x 23" (major).   When I switched to my current topload
(7" minor x 31" major), I had no more problems with multiple streamers
(both toploads were of the smooth aluminum tape variety).

Theoretically, increasing the minor diameter increases the breakdown
voltage, but I think it is probably a function of both (hopefully
someone can chime in on this).

I don't think you need to cover the whole thing in aluminum tape, as I
have seen many neatly constructed toploads made from dryer duct.  My
suggestion for the aluminum tape is to use it where the sections join,
as that can be an area with uneven edges that can promote discharge.  I
think the most important thing is to keep it neat and uniform, even if
it is a corrugated surface, and clean up the seams.

If it was me I would probably make a new topload out of 8" ducting, with
a major diameter of about 30", and find some way to have the center part
nice and rigid (mine is about 2.5" thick, so I was able to build it with
a nice center groove to center the ducting and keep it uniform).


On 03/22/2015 02:02 PM, Timothy Gilmore wrote:
> Thanks Jon!
> I've been putting many hours in every day trying to get it ready for the
> showing next Friday. When you say make the toroid topload bigger, I'm
> assuming you mean use larger ducting like 8" or larger if I can find it
> (instead of the 6" I have now). It was hard to find the right size middle
> section and was lucky to find 13" foil pizza trays (as the 4" ducting
> torroid toploads use more easily found 9" pie tins). I also used foil
> wrapped cardboard inside for more strength but it wants to shift around too
> much unless kept tight. Is it more important to have a larger middle
> section to the torroid topload or the ducting size (i.e. 6", 8", 12")? It
> might be easier to locate a more ridged larger middle section and wrap the
> 6"+ ducting around that,
> Also wrapping it all in aluminum tape would keep it more uniform and flat
> (less crinkle like), I also found that adding a large spike nail to the top
> of the torroid middle section (wedge in) would direct more sparks out the
> end of it. So making it more uniform (or bigger) will allow for less medium
> sized sparks and will discharge sparks that are thicker and longer?

> On Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 1:40 PM, Jon Danniken <danniken@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Wow that looks great, you got that together fast!
>> A couple suggestions would be to work on your topload to eliminate the
>> multiple streamers (assuming you don't like multiple streamers), so that
>> you end up with one larger streamer.   Part of the issue can be caused
>> by the lack of a uniform surface across the topload, providing multiple
>> breakout points, or the cause could be too small of a topload.  You
>> could try cleaning up the topload you have to see if things improve, and
>> if not, build a larger topload, taking care to keep it uniform (aluminum
>> tape can come in handy for the seams).
>> When you get the topload sorted out, you can work on coupling, by
>> raising the primary (or lowering the secondary), gradually, until you
>> start getting racing sparks.  When that happens, back it off a bit and
>> you will be as tight as you can be.
>> Again, good job on this one!
>> Jon

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