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Re: [TCML] tube toploads

On 1/22/15 7:01 AM, brianb@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

There also appears to be some interaction between the Ctop and Csec
based on their physical separation. I don't have my notes handy but at
one point I measured the Fsec with a toroid sitting right on top of the
last winding and one spaced a distance above it. What I found was the
layout with the toroid right on the secondary had a higher Fsec
(therefore less total capacatance) than the layout where the toroid was
above the secondary. If I recall properly the effect with a ball topload
was much more pronounced.

that's what I would expect.. two things close to each other share their fields..

Maybe Antonio will pop up and tell us that he's solved this problem.. I know INCA does all the inductance stuff, but I can't remember if he's done the "multiple toroids and tubes"..

It's definitely a fairly straightforward calculation in any sort of FE code, but I was wondering if there's a "within 10-20%" sort of rule of thumb.

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