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Re: [TCML] tube toploads

On 1/22/15 6:31 AM, Antonio Queiroz wrote:
On 22/01/2015 11:26, Tim Flood wrote:
Yes, just be sure the total surface area of all your tubes is close to
surface area of the toroid.

This is not necessary. The capacitance will be practically the same of a
solid toroid in any way, but the breakdown voltage will be smaller, this
in a sort of proportion of the ratio of externally exposed area to the
original area, because the charge will be more concentrated.


That makes perfect sense..

If you think of a circle of tubes (long axis of tubes parallel), the charge will tend to be on the outside of the tubes. the field at the surface is proportional to the amount of charge per unit area, so if you said all the charge is on the "outer half", then the field would be twice.. or another way, the breakdown voltage would be half.

I like it when there's a nice intuitive explanation.

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