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[TCML] 2 Opposing Tesla Coils: "Cosmic Induction Generator"

  Sorry, I only check the list from time to time online (I don't subscribe) so I don't catch a lot...
Regarding Eric Dollard, I have never met him, but have had many of his associates (to my knowledge not the man asking for money below) "show up" for one reason or another.

Every aspect I have seen is fraud or deception in some way.  One of his biggest promoters (who I will not mention by name) visited my home with a lot of quackery they developed and sold under company names not associated with their "free energy" forums and conferences directly.

One such device was used to erase all known side effects of chemo-therapy to cancer patients.  It was a black box with two metallic hand electrodes that one held to "erase" all of the toxins from the body.  Inside the box was a battery connected to a few meaningless pieces of electronics used to periodically drain the battery.  The hand electrodes were connected to nothing and bridged by a wire.  The secret as told by the inventor?  That equalizing the potential of both hands short circuited the evil after effects of radiation on the body.  Cost for the $5 BS?  Something like $250.

Stealing money from cancer patients has to be one of the lowest things people could do, aside from hurting children or pets, at least in my book.  My advice, invest in your own experiments instead and start off with Tesla's London lecture 1892 and forget 95% of the nonsense that is being propagated left, right, and center.  

This list is at least sane most of the time :)

Regarding Lichtenberg figures in light bulbs, it is curious in the pictures, I have witnessed beautiful figures under high vacuums, those high enough to produce X-Rays...
The pics are not clear but I was astounded to witness this and just wanted proof...
I even have a short video:

The bulb was an antique Edison bulb with a long straight carbon(?) filament.  Oftentimes these filaments break when they approach a Tesla Coil, they are thin and fragile and tend to vibrate heavily in the field of the coil and esp. if energized.  As the broken filament twirls around small particles of it are thrown, become incandescent from X-Ray bombardment, and resemble shooting stars.  If the filament end touches the inner walls of the bulb LFs appear and look amazing.  They occasionally fuse to the glass and cause a pinhole puncture which destroys the vacuum.
It looks really cool but subjects you to close range scattered and soft X-Rays.$10K for a lecture?  I lecture for free and my autograph is free too, lol.  I don't need monetary donations but could use pyrex glass tubing, hint hint....and magnet wire...   :)

-------Interesting idea. Apparently it creates discharges that are VERY different  from the usual sparks. (Paging Jeff Behary...) https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cosmic-induction-generator 		 	   		  
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