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[TCML] 3 phase DC Raytheon tube power supply circa 50's

Hello Group,

After some considerable musing and from some most excellent data from Bert
Hickman, I am fairly convinced the 6 pulse 8020 may not give me the
instantaneous power needed to run either a .05 .1 .2uf tank capacitor at
reasonable break rates. As I have stated it has a huge 150H Inductor on the
output and delivers 24,000KV of DC. I would have no interest in resonate
charging to 48KV!

The 8020 has an inherent 1K ohm emission resistance which is a limiting
factor, and is suggested 200 ma ea probably CW and can a handle an
instantaneous peak of 1 amp and a reverse of 40KV. It may cut it; but I am
not so sure.

So more conservative reasoning dictates I should go with 3 pulse solid state
charger instead which reduces the V out to 24,000 / sqr3 = 13.8 KV - still a
hearty tank voltage without Resonance charging. I am calculating the
transformer develops roughly 24,000 / sqr3 * sqr2 = ~~ 9.8KVac. This I
intended to measure BTW all 3 phases, hands off, with a 40:1 voltage divider
sans tubes. This to rule out the 24KV rating is not a resonance charge
rating of a smallish capacitor value. This can be done without opening the
assembly as I have convenient access to the outside connections.

If indeed I measure ~ 10KV phase to phase, I will proceed with plan A: 3
pulse (half wave) rectification which will require opening the tank to see
if I can get to the center point of the secondary Wye winding, naturally the
only outside signal not available. It will become an isolated negative with
respect to a now positive going output. I may be able earth ground the
center point, but I am not sure that is wise as the primary is wire wye.

The UF5408 is a 3 amp diode with a RMS reverse voltage of 700V. I have 250
of then coming Tuesday. I will open the tank and take some pics for you.
It's pretty cool!

The tank itself measures 16X24x26" below the flange and weighs probably over
300lbs. The top deck appears it may house the filament transformer or part
of it and monster mash insulators. There is a 2" flange all around with
enough SS bolts 1.5" spaced to warrant my impact wrench! The hope is the
entire assembly raises from the tank much like a X-ray transformer with an
engine cherry picker. More later as things develop and the AC measurements
are made if this peaks anyone's interest. All in all, there must be some
mongo Iron in this tank! And yes I will be wearing gloves and goggles... I
have a Dexsil kit, but I am not sure I want to know...

Spark On,
Jim Mora

If anyone see things differently on plan A please advise me. This could be a
cool demo coil at "lower power" with my 8" coil as is, and a MMC tank. So in
the case of plan B, nothing will be reversible...

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