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Re: [TCML] Joint pains with Tesla contact ?Myth

No-one has offered an explanation of why a number of people have observed joint pain. Joint conductivity is speculative. Or why there are therapeutic currents used in a variety of devices from DC up to at least 27 MHz with benefits in pain. Many of these such as the TENS machine use a more sustained total delivered current over hours. A VHF field is different and heating may be significant compared to trivial power from a TC into a 50 ohm load
In fact, electrical currents have been used to stimulate bone growth.
So why does a tolerable Tesla coil shock cause a problem?
I have never had an intentional or accidental shock from anything larger than a 3 inch weak spark from my briefcase Tesla coil so I can't comment from experience.

Are we really dealing with much higher peak currents?
So what is a tolerable Tesla coil peak current?


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While playing with small to medium coils holding an ungrounded metal rod
to draw the arcs, I have always found the pain to be in my wrist (not
necessarily the joint).
I assumed this to be to the increased current density due to the smaller
cross section of conductor...?

On 2014-02-18 18:11, Jim Lux wrote:
On 2/17/14 6:18 PM, Peter Terren wrote:
Joint pain (wrists and ankles) observed after exposure to high Rf
fields, notably in VHF range, surmised to be for the reasons Antonio

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