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Re: [TCML] Touching Corona Discharges

Hi Kuba,

I would second everything Antonio said and add that neural damage may take weeks or years to show up, but it's there. Secondly, you can light a fluorescent lamp by holding it anywhere in the vicinity of a Tesla Coil without any contact by it or you to the discharge. 

Matt D.
(~ 60 years since my first coil and all my parts still function)

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Em 17/02/2014 19:55, Kuba Anglin escreveu:
> Hey,
> I have seen and heard about many people who can touch the corona discharge
> emission from their Tesla coil with one hand and hold a fluorescent light
> bulb in their other hand causing the light to turn on. I understand why the
> light turns on, but I do not understand why the person doing this is not
> harmed at all. Could someone please explain why this is possible and
> describe a method in which it can be accomplished?
The high-frequency current, from a Tesla coil is not sensed by the nerves. "Not harmed at all"
is not exactly the case. Burns can occur, external and -internal- as the current breaks the skin
and travels through the body. Skin effect, that makes high-frequency currents travel close to
the surface of conductors is almost insignificant at Tesla coil frequencies with the human
flesh as conductor. A common effect is pain at the joints, because there the resistance is
higher and most damage occurs. 
Even staying close to a Tesla coil in operation can cause this (to me at least...).

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz

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