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Re: [TCML] MIDI Pro Tesla Coil Controller

On 3/29/12 7:40 PM, Bart B. Anderson wrote:
Well, I just had to reply. I've watched Phil develop this Midi Pro Tesla
Coil Controller since it's beginning. Phil has put massive hours into
this design. Everyday after work and on weekends he was hard at it. This
went on for quite a while. I purchased Phils controller and it has
worked flawlessly out of the gate! As Phil releases the latest code,
it's a simple thing to copy the new code onto the SD card and load it to
the controller. This is an awesome feature and something only someone
with Phils professional talents would have even thought of.

and so what was the MIDI source (if that's what it was)? Or was it you playing guitar and feeding the audio...

perhaps some Deep Purple (even if it is cliched and the first thing people learn) might have been more appropriate when you lit the rafters on fire?

Has anyone tried hooking up a drum pad to a coil?

15 years ago I worked on a MIDI controlled automatic cannon blast (combustion chamber filled with methane oxygen mixture fired by a spark plug) as a percussion instrument. We never did build up a full drum kit, but the concept of explosively powered timpani or toms did have some interest.
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