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Re: [TCML] MIDI Pro Tesla Coil Controller

Well, I just had to reply. I've watched Phil develop this Midi Pro Tesla Coil Controller since it's beginning. Phil has put massive hours into this design. Everyday after work and on weekends he was hard at it. This went on for quite a while. I purchased Phils controller and it has worked flawlessly out of the gate! As Phil releases the latest code, it's a simple thing to copy the new code onto the SD card and load it to the controller. This is an awesome feature and something only someone with Phils professional talents would have even thought of.

I want everyone to keep in mind something about the designer of this controller. He's not just some guy with programming skills and such. Phil Slawinski is one of the most knowledgeable individuals regarding DRSSTC design and understanding how it works. This is the same guy that developed the SSVC (solid state vacuum coil) which had record spark lengths! I know Phil doesn't post here to the TCML a lot, but trust me, Phil knows his stuff!

This controller does everything. The days of a simple controller for Burst Mode and BPS changes are gone. Technology has taken it's course and created a new breed of controller. I have been having so much fun with the controller. The midi code is extremely well written and supports all the functionality anyone could possibly hope for.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Phil Slawinski for developing this controller and offering it to the masses. It is one of the best investments I have made in a long time for my coils. Nothing else out there compares to it. I ran it at WWT 2012 out at Henry's place on March 10th. That was only day 2 of having the controller in hand and I had no clue what I was doing. However, it worked flawlessly and made for a very cool spark demonstration.

For those who don't mind a good metal tune on a DRSSTC (Metallica - Master of Puppets).. here's one using the controller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9SoZx0AlKs&list=UUKTGJZAkKZlDLVS7g-9dIsg&index=7&feature=plcp <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9SoZx0AlKs&list=UUKTGJZAkKZlDLVS7g-9dIsg&index=7&feature=plcp>

Again, thanks Phil for stepping up to the plate and making this incredible controller.. Your Awesome Dude!
Bart "B" Anderson

On 3/29/2012 2:03 PM, Phillip Slawinski wrote:
While we're on the topic of MIDI Controllers, I figured I'd post a
link to the post I made on 4HV yesterday.

I've finally got my controller to the point where I'm ready to sell to
the public. It's chocked full of features. Here are a few of them:

     Standard Interrupter
     Burst Interrupter
     Asynchronous Rotary Spark Gap Emulator
     Multi-Coil Interrupter
     Twin-Coil (Phased) interrupter
     MIDI Input
     SD Card MIDI File Player
     Graphical Equalizer
     LOTS of user-configurable settings
     Anytime firmware upgrade via SD card

The kit I'm offering comes with a fully assembled controller board,
two fully assembled transmitter / RGB LED boards, OLED display, four
buttons, and four mechanical encoders. This kit does not include the
necessary hardware or software for QCW/SSVC modes, however that will
be available as an upgrade later. The cost for the kit is $500 +
postage. The kit comes with two transmitter boards, if you'd like to
add the additional two transmitter boards, those are available for $25
each. If you're interested in purchasing a kit, feel free to contact
me via PM here, or using my e-mail which is on my profile page.

See more details @ 4HV:

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