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Re: [TCML] Primary coil winding troubles with 1/4" tubing

On 3/25/12 9:18 AM, Gary Lau wrote:
Hi Brian,

I see a couple of problems with your technique.

The biggest problem is that the primary support strips that you made don't
adequately hold the tubing.  You want a strip that you can push each
winding into, and there is stays, so you can just focus on placing the next
segment of tubing into the next strip; you don't want to have to look back
and re-do what's already been placed.  I was fortunate enough to have a
machinist friend that make me some Lexan strips using a milling machine,
but if I had to, I could have made something less polished using a table
saw to cut the slots.  You can see my strips (combs) at

The other problem I see is that you want more than four supports per turn,
ideally 6-8, depending on the outer diameter.  The turns are just too
floppy if you only have four.

Also, I think you want to start at the inside and work your way out.

ANother approach is to put your primary on a flat piece of acrylic or polycarbonate and use nylon cable ties to hold the turns in the right place. On my small coil, the turns are "under" the plastic, and the secondary sits on top of the plastic. That way, I can move the tapping clamp around fairly easily.

If you want to use "rib" style supports, as others have pointed out, the nicest way is to machine slots (you can drill holes in a straight line, and then saw along the line), but the other approach is to just drill holes through that you use nylon cable ties (or cable lacing tape) to hold the tubing down with. (the tie goes at sort of a 45 degree angle).

But the key is to not bend stuff any more than needed.
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