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[TCML] making a small receiver coil

How can I make, or should I say what is the wiring config for a receiver coil. I am going to wind one probably 2” dia and maybe 12” tall ,then use the appropriate topload to tune it to 100k which is what my tesla is tuned at. I do not want to use a secondary winding with it . I just want to wire it in such a way that to get a sparking effect to prove it is receiving via the main tesla or transmitter. This coil will be about 10 foot away, again with a top load. Should I put a spark gap points between the coils end that would normally go straight to ground . or should I go ahead and forget the spark gap and ground the coil therefore the small streamers will come off the topload. I am basically asking how to wire the free standing receiver coil to get “effects”
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