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Re: [TCML] making a small receiver coil

On 3/21/12 5:06 AM, jeff mill wrote:
Guys How can I make, or should I say what is the wiring config for a
receiver coil. I am going to wind one probably 2” dia and maybe 12”
tall ,then use the appropriate topload to tune it to 100k which is
what my tesla is tuned at. I do not want to use a secondary winding
with it . I just want to wire it in such a way that to get a sparking
effect to prove it is receiving via the main tesla or transmitter.
This coil will be about 10 foot away, again with a top load. Should I
put a spark gap points between the coils end that would normally go
straight to ground . or should I go ahead and forget the spark gap
and ground the coil therefore the small streamers will come off the
topload. I am basically asking how to wire the free standing receiver
coil to get “effects”

Easy.. it's just a secondary with no primary. Put it over an RF ground, get it to resonate, put it in the field, and you're off and running..

If you really want to show that power is transferring because of the resonance, you have to be a bit careful. (that is, if you had NO secondary winding, and just hooked a topload up to a wire connected to the bottom of your main coil, you'd probably get sparks off the small topload, if it's close enough)

What you'd like is something where you can change the circuit and show that it picks up power in one state and not in another.

How big is your main coil?

You're going to have trouble making a small coil (with a single layer winding) resonant at a low frequency.. the L is low, the C is low, so the fRes is high.

You might be able to do something like wind the bottom part of the coil with multiple layers (or in segments) so that you can get the L bigger without having breakdown problems.
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