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Re: [TCML] questions for the list maintainer/moderators...

Hi Jim,

Over the last 1-month period, I think about 12 messages were rejected.
 Bear in mind, this has been a slow month!  All rejections require
manual evaluation and intervention, and this is different than the
auto-discard "feature", which automatically trashes posts coming from
non-subscribed email addresses.

I don't know what causes the dry spells.  Maybe El Nino? ;-)

By far, the most common reason for rejection is that the post should
have been sent off-list to a single individual, typically a reply to
someone giving away or selling something.  Whenever someone posts
something interesting for sale or give-away, that's sure to generate a
barrage of "I'm Interested" replies.  Behind that, in no particular
order, are:

* Posts dealing with wireless power transmission or pseudo-science
(not that WPT is pseudo-science; it's clearly not)

* Posts responding to a closed thread

* Posting material that's just not pertinent to Tesla coil
construction.  This is probably the most difficult thing to moderate,
drawing a line between natural and friendly human conversation, and
frivolous banter that just feeds upon itself.

* Posting a reply where the content has nothing to do with the thread
being replied to.

* Posting stuff for sale, but missing key information like where it's
shipping from or price, or other stuff that folks are going to have to
ask about.

* Rude or trolling (posting deliberately inflammatory material with
the intent of generating further conflict) behavior.

* Failure to snip excessive old posts from a very lengthy thread (this is rare)

* Posting Spam, probably due to one's email account being compromised.
 What that happens, you're not rejected - you're unsubscribed.

* Sending photos or other attachments.

Chip gives this URL for monthly statistical data:
I'm not sure I understand the units involved, but it looks like usage
is down considerably since 2009?

Regards, Gary Lau
TCML co-moderator

On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 8:59 AM, Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just curious..
> how many messages/month get rejected (automatically or by moderation)? Is it
> a lot or a little?
> Is there data out there (short of downloading the archives and counting) on
> list traffic volume over the months and years?  It seems to me that there
> are "dry spells" and they seem slightly periodic (correlated to seasons or
> something), but maybe not.
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