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Re: [TCML] LMD Frequency

On 3/14/12 12:36 AM, Paul Nicholson wrote:
It is well understood that the normal oscillation of a TC
secondary is a longitudinal mode - meaning that the E-field and
H-field both point along the axis of the coil. By contrast,
the transverse mode is what you'd find in a helical antenna
coil where E and H field vectors point across the diameter.

Doh.. of course.. I keep thinking of a TC more as a lumped element.
However, I don't know that this conventional longitudinal mode is what the OP was talking about.

'Longitudinal Magneto Dielectric' is not a term used in
science, it's a nonsense term made up by cranks. There are
a few mentions of it on the web - they are all crank sites
containing a variety of nonsense of the not-even-wrong kind.
It is rather sad to see such ignorance and superstition and
it's tragic to see enthusiasts being drawn into it.

Yes.. that is what I was thinking.
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