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Re: [TCML] LMD Frequency

Last Saturday we were doing a Tesla coil show in a parking lot and a couple of guys cane along and asked if we were doing any over unity stuff. We said we weren't, and they said, "Aww, the heck with you guys."

Apparently the world's first (???) solar powered TC show wasn't enough for them. We felt really depressed, despondent and incompetent, so this weekend we will try the reanimation of the dead. Hopefully we'll get some respect for that.


On 3/14/12 12:36 AM, Paul Nicholson wrote:
It is well understood that the normal oscillation of a TC
secondary is a longitudinal mode - meaning that the E-field and
H-field both point along the axis of the coil. By contrast,
the transverse mode is what you'd find in a helical antenna
coil where E and H field vectors point across the diameter.

Doh.. of course.. I keep thinking of a TC more as a lumped element.
However, I don't know that this conventional longitudinal mode is what the OP was talking about.

'Longitudinal Magneto Dielectric' is not a term used in
science, it's a nonsense term made up by cranks. There are
a few mentions of it on the web - they are all crank sites
containing a variety of nonsense of the not-even-wrong kind.
It is rather sad to see such ignorance and superstition and
it's tragic to see enthusiasts being drawn into it.

Yes.. that is what I was thinking.
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