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Re: [TCML] Magnet wire voltage ratings

If you get your "magnet" wire from a transformer winding company then it will be extremely high. You can never take the ratings too much on faith, you'll just have to test it... especially with high frequency stuff.. but Years ago just to give you some ball park figures I tested some enamel coated wire and found that it could easily handle 15,000 volts from a neon sign transformer - this was with me touching the wire right up to each other - I got all sorts of buzzing and corona and high voltage static type effects..
which you get at these voltages
ie floating fluff & dust  and poly styrene sticking to the wire etc
but it never arced through, also 15kv is more like 22,000 volts peak to peak...
 and this wire was extremely thin insulation - 22AWG wire....

so if you have a neon handy then just test it... but if not you can make an insulation testing transformer.. it won't have to supply any current or be efficient, but you can just wind a certain turns ratio - keep the primary small and the secondary large..
so you don't waste too much time
you could wind something in 5 mins...
eg 10 turns on primary and 100 - 200 on secondary, wrapped around some iron you have handy.. rebar or steel sheet etc taped together.. think electro magnet you made at school, except this has 2 windings instead of one, and you connect to the mains instead of a battery. you won't even have to worry about ratings or voltage as long as you wind 2 or 3 layers of electrical tape between turns - that stuff can handle 1000 volts easily per wrap and keep the turns to about 20 per layer, or wind the turns from end to end rather than layer to layer to keep the terminals separated..so you won't get arcing if using appliance wire etc. then just work on transformer ratio... if you have 1:10 - then you'll have 1200 volts or 2400 volts depending on where you live.. etc.. If its not enough for your test, then make another transformer in series - maybe a 1:2 or 1:3 or 1:5 etc - to boost it again...
pretty easy...

I've never had a problem with any enamel coated wire for my coils, its pretty good stuff... so if you are winding a secondary with more than a few hundred turns- you don't really have to worry about turn to turn arcing anyway... unless you are building a 100kw tesla coil, or you are over driving your coil, or you've dropped it a few times and damaged the insulation... but even them - just wrapp the coil in glad wrap or saran wrap - what ever the brand is called in your part of the world... that stuff can handle huge voltages as well.


On 17/07/2012 9:53 a.m., Scott Bogard wrote:
Really quick question list, does anyone know the average voltage standoff
of single build magnet wire?  100V?  1,000V? 10,000V?  I've really no clue
but suspect it would be in the 600-1000V range...  Also does double and
triple build insulation make much of a difference?  Again toying with
designing a flyback transformer, and just trying to figure things out...

Scott Bogard.
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