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[TCML] Safety gap question

I have a 6 inch coil, 210 ma worth of nts's, rotary gap.
I have a safety gap across my rotary and for extra safety I put one across the output of the nts's BEFORE the terry filter which is much wider than my rotary safety gap. With a tank cap of about 64nf I could run the input up to about 135 volts and pull about 18 amps. I got to thinking , am I loading the nts's too much and not charging the caps all the way, so I removed one bank which brought my tank cap down to about 53n. Results : I still pull around 18 amps , discharges look a bit longer BUT when I run my voltage up to around 135 my safety gap BEFORE my terry filter fires and this is the gap that is set wider than the safety gap at the rotary. Could I be possibly getting some sort of ringing effect from those long wire wound terry filter resistors and caps. I am using 780p caps in the filter as that was all I had. I know with the lower tank C it will charge higher but why is it firing the Safety gap that is before the terry filter. Any ideas. Should I maybe lower the t filter R to 500 ohms ?

Thanks ,JM_______________________________________________
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