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Re: [TCML] Magnet wire voltage ratings

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so if you have a neon handy then just test it... but if not you can make
an insulation testing transformer..
it won't have to supply any current or be efficient, but you can just wind a certain turns ratio - keep the primary small and the secondary large..
so you don't waste too much time
you could wind something in 5 mins...
eg 10 turns on primary and 100 - 200 on secondary, wrapped around some iron you have handy.. rebar or steel sheet etc taped together.. think electro magnet you made at school, except this has 2 windings instead of one, and you connect to the mains instead of a battery. you won't even have to worry about ratings or voltage as long as you wind 2 or 3 layers of electrical tape between turns - that stuff can handle 1000 volts easily per wrap and keep the turns to about 20 per layer, or wind the turns from end to end rather than layer to layer to keep the terminals separated..so you won't get arcing if using appliance wire etc. then just work on transformer ratio... if you have 1:10 - then you'll have 1200 volts or 2400 volts depending on where you live.. etc.. If its not enough for your test, then make another transformer in series - maybe a 1:2 or 1:3 or 1:5 etc - to boost it again...
pretty easy...


Huh? Am I reading this correctly? You're saying that one can make a haphazardly thrown together "homemade"
transformer out of a piece of rebar wound with only
10 turns of wire for the primary to hook up directly across
120 or 240 VAC mains voltage? I can assure you this
will NOT work and will instantly trip out the overcurrent
protection circuit breaker (or blow the fuse).

David Rieben

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