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Re: [TCML] litz wire

I want to assure that I understand you correctly. No offense but your clump
terminology threw me off a bit.
If I were to take a 4 conductor piece of the old 4 color telephone station
wire and remove the outer conductor and then take 4 of these "clumps" and
wind them together, would that be the same as what you are describing?
Please excuse the station wire reference. I spent 12 years installing and
repairing telephones and I suppose that might be considered jargon.

I am fairly sure this is what you meant but I want to be sure. I have a
bunch of old station wire (4 conductors colored red, green, yellow, black)
and want to try this so I can follow the different colored wires to see
exactly how they wind in and out. The station wire is 24AWG and it will
make for some rather fat Litz wire. The insulation also has a rather low
voltage rating and I'm not sure how much voltage the end result would be
able to withstand. It still out to be useful for various high frequency
applications and the wire is just sitting here doing nothing right now.
Oh yeah, I also have the same wire in 26AWG, if that might be better for
making a thinner overall Litx wire.
Think Positive

On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 10:35 AM, Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Starting a new thread here..
> How you wind litz wire without braiding.  one way is to twist clumps that
> are themselves twisted.  Consider taking 4 wires and twisting them.  Then
> take 4 clumps and twist those.  Each wire will spend the same distance on
> the outside of the clump.
> It gets tricky, though.. if you use 6 or 7 wires, then one inevitably
> winds up in the middle and stays there, so you an use a core to wrap
> around.  Or, stick with quads.
> The problem is, I think, that you can't continue this strategy.  That is,
> the 4 of 4 scheme can't be extended, can it?
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