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Re: [TCML] small coil with huge streamers?

Allright guys some specs about the place and the coil.

I'm a student at the Technical University of Eindhoven. In our group where
I study work (Electrical Energy Systems) EES we have two labs. One is the
now closed high current lab (the place where the coil is running in the pic
I showed) The other lab is the high voltage lab which is a huge Faraday
Cage with various sources and also now a few chemical installations.

So Let's start with the high current lab. Which sadly isn't operational
anymore it was closed down in 2004 due to the lack of research and the fire
hazard it represents. The lab has two 10kV 3~ 100A feeders with a maximum
short circuit power of 250MVA each. Furthermore there are two 600A 3~ 400V
lines available. Multiple gensets are used to store energy for short
circuit testing or the creation of a variabel frequency for other tests.
The huge structure you can see in my picture is a capactor bank with a
large set of inductors on the back used to generate 50Hz with just a
limited amount of energy for the more dangerous tests. If I'm not mistaken
it's 25kV 5MJ and is able to put out 80kA for multiple 50Hz cycles.

On page 19 of this
you can read a story about the labs history sadly in Dutch. Put I
the pictures do tell a lot.

The operational facilities are described

The teslacoil you can see in the picture is called Resonant Rise. I've been
asked by the university to build a large teslacoil for demostrations. It's
a DRSSTC with a few nice features.

Two CM-300 H-bridges current balanced with differential mode chokes.
12000uF DC link C @ 700V
Powered from rectified 3~ 400Vac
Directly watercooled

After an eddy current induced cooking (catastrophic failure of the previous
4 strings of 12 snubber caps creating a 1.2uF 7.5kVac 280Arms MMC

copper tubing oil cooled
4 turns 12mm OD tube

1800 ish turns
0.51mm wire diam
1000mm winding length
300mm diam

Alu spun 1000mm outer diam 500mm inner diam

Slightly modified version of wards leadcomp controller.
OCD set to 3kA

43khz without streamer load

6 voices polyphonic max per coil can control up to 12 coils

You can find some more info and media around the coil here:

nieuws/index.php?page=x31 (university paper Dutch about it's apearance on
TV (national science quiz))
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGYIzZ8_OJs&hd=1 (outdoor light festival
(glow Eindhoven) where the coil ran each night for 6 hours)

To be honest I Haven't managed to push it far over 4 times the secondary
length yet but I think it can be done. The bridge is tested to 5kA. The
secondary will be the limiting part.


Roy Piepers (Dalus)

2011/12/15  <lightningfor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Did someone say silicon/vacuum tube hybrid !
> Thats what I' building right now...!
> I'd love to hear more details about it.
> I've searched the net but can't find much out there at all about
> transistor driven VTTC's.
> Hope to have mine up and going by christmas.
> Getting close now :-)
> Also to stay on subject, I have a video tape somewhere showing richard
> Hull of TCBOR making 10 foot arcs using a 12" winding on a 4" coil form.
> Admittedly, this coil was the "extra" coil of a magnifier... and several
> toroids were used to lift the breakout point above the coil.
> Still pretty impressive though!
> Carlos
> On Wed, 14 Dec 2011 13:39:43 -0800, Joe Mastroianni <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> I think Phil holds the record for coil efficiency these days...he's
>> getting over 5x streamer:secondary ratio on his hybrid silicon/vacuum
> tube
>> design.
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