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Re: [TCML] small coil with huge streamers?

Did someone say silicon/vacuum tube hybrid !
Thats what I' building right now...!
I'd love to hear more details about it.
I've searched the net but can't find much out there at all about
transistor driven VTTC's.
Hope to have mine up and going by christmas.
Getting close now :-)

Also to stay on subject, I have a video tape somewhere showing richard
Hull of TCBOR making 10 foot arcs using a 12" winding on a 4" coil form.
Admittedly, this coil was the "extra" coil of a magnifier... and several
toroids were used to lift the breakout point above the coil.
Still pretty impressive though!


On Wed, 14 Dec 2011 13:39:43 -0800, Joe Mastroianni <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I think Phil holds the record for coil efficiency these days...he's
> getting over 5x streamer:secondary ratio on his hybrid silicon/vacuum
> design.

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