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Re: [TCML] small coil with huge streamers?

Well, things will get hot and stuff will burn.
I had a reasonably sized DR coil - 8.5x32" secondary, 3/8" copper coil secondary, CM300DY-24H inverter, powered through only ~70VAC at 20A through a doubler so the DCV was only around 180V, 0.5uf tank, etc. etc. etc. Running MIDI with only moderate arcs for musical purposes....

I made the mistake of running 12ga stranded between some of the components....and the insulation caught fire quite spectacularly during my Halloween performance. Lucky for me it didn't burn up anything else.

Power density is a very real consideration....


On 12/14/2011 7:38 AM, James Hutton wrote:
what would happen if you had a massive power supply for a really small tesla coil?

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