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Re: [TCML] quick. what capacitance for dual mot?

Hi James,
     Not so much a quick question, as there is no ideal capacitance
for two MOTs, only rules of thumbs based off of other parameters.  A
bit of education, LTR and resonate sized caps are tricks for sucking
more power out of current limited supplies, MOTs pretend to be current
limited, but are definitely not.  In reality they behave like a pig
system, drawing current according to cap size and output voltage.
With that said, you must design your cap size around your predicted
current and break rate (as far as capacitance is concerned anyway).
So, lets think this through, the average current draw is about 225 mA
for two MOTs unballasted with a decent size capacitive load.  We can
play with the numbers, for an 80 nF cap, the sweet spot is around
700-900 bps, so for twice that size, the sweet spot should be 350-450
bps.  I would recommend someplace between 75-150 nF, any larger and
your peak currents will be un-tameable for readily available caps.
Use a higher break rate.  For optimum SRSG you would need a ginormous
cap, with insane peak current rating, not very cheap...  Build a
multi-mini cap like any other, using the 942C or you can even probably
get away with 940C series, and keep your voltage around 10K, this
should give enough caps to stand the current and the voltage, but do
the calculations before you buy.  Java TC can help with that, it gives
you your peak currents etc.

Scott Bogard.

On 8/31/11, James Hutton <b-u-r-t-o-n-boy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hello. I know this answer has probably been answered a thousand times, but
> can someone just tell me what the ideal capacitance is for a dual mot tesla
> coil?and what the minimum voltage rating should be?will two of these in
> parallel work?
> http://www.ebay.ca/itm/K41-1a-Paper-PIO-PULSE-capacitor-0-1uF-4kV-10-2pcs-/260745364836?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cb5a28564thanks
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