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[TCML] Coiling Project MSB3: update

I've gotten everything just about perfectly tuned (at least as much as it CAN be, thus far) for the moment, with a non-sputtering
spark gap, and consistent 20"-22" streamers.  I have part of a coffee can covering the top few windings of the secondary to protect
it from the streamers that jump off from there...as soon as I can get a proper spun aluminum toroid on it, all should (in theory) be
"good to go".

Question: Does anyone have a spare 12x3 or 12x4 spun aluminum toroid they would like to donate to this ministry project?  A receipt
for the fair market value can be provided.

Please hold all responses until Tuesday, as I will be leaving for Dragon-Con in the morning, and won't be back until then.
Reverend Christopher "Fuzzy" Mayeux
Pastor, MSB Ministries
(a 508(c)(1)(a) not-for-profit organization)

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