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Re: [TCML] Grounding Coil to Water Pipe


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Yurtle Turtle wrote:
> Several things to consider:
> My house plumbing is 100% copper inside the house. Just before it goes 
>underground to the meter, it converts to PVC, which might make washing one's 
>hands while coiling an exciting event. Apartments or duplexes may also have this 
>problem. Also, more and more communities are covertign from dumb meters to smart 
>meters, which can use transmitters or even your phone line, and can even warn 
>you if usage patterns go up a lot, indicating the possibility of a break. I 
>don't know how well trhe smart meters would hold up the the induced voltage.
> Adam

Interesting question.  If anyone has a smart/telemetered water meter, if they 
could publish the make/model here, I'll go see what I can find about EMI/EMC 

Off hand, I suspect they are pretty immune.

Water meters are buried.
Water meters already have to deal with 60 Hz ground currents, when a 
distribution power line falls on the ground.

Things that die from tesla coils are inexpensive consumer electronics that 
happen to be poorly designed from a TC immunity standpoint (not that ANYONE 
actually designs from that standpoint..)  The garage door opener is a fine 
example of something that is asking for destruction.. they're inexpensive and 
have long wires to sensors that connect directly to semiconductor circuits.  
Sprinkler timers are the same, except usually the control wires are buried.

Telephones and such tend to be pretty tough, because there's regulatory 
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