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[TCML] Grounding Coil to Water Pipe

Hi Everyone,

I got DirecTV the other day and notice that the installer grounded the satellite dish to the protruding water pipe leading up to my garden hose. I'd never thought to ground there before! But I've got a few things I'd like to run by you all before I try it there;

1. The running water shouldn't be affected by the coil due to the 'skin effect' factor. It should limit the current only to the surface of the pipe, right?
2. The satellite ground should be disconnected before powering on the coil, right? Seems like a bad idea to pump thousands of volts into a satellite dish ;P
3. The pipe should provide sufficient RF ground, yeah?

I've searched the list, but I didn't see anything particularly definitive on the subject...

Thanks everybody!
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